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Snap Class SoftwareTotal class domination from your desktop, tablet, & smart phone.

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Mom & Dad Friendly

Now your parents don't have to wait on you! Let them print payment history, schedule makeups, join waiting lists, & pay any amount whenever, wherever, from every internet-ready device on the planet!

Billing Bliss

Let's face it, in those first few months of our newfound business, we're happy to put the brain power behind prorating, discounting, & running credit cards all day long. But gyms move at the speed of life. And pretty soon, you're swimming in a sea of to-do's.

Get your time back by employing a tool that doesn't stop working... EVER! Snap does the math, invoicing, billing & notifications automatically, month after month, year after year. And how about this cherry on top: you only pay for what you earn!

Free Trial Freedom

Turn prospective clients into paying students with that free trial perk! Snap ensures free trials are never billed, their classes are never overbooked, & they transition seamlessly into billable enrollments.

Accounting Love, Not Scowls.

Wouldn't it be nice if, at the end of the day, you could simply print a report that showed your gym's income summary broken down by the individual programs & categories your accountant specifies? Snap! We've got your back!

Makeups Shmakeups

Everyone knows a bustling gym is a prosperous gym. With Snap, you can fill those empty class slots with makeups & keep that frenetic pace going!

Accessible From Any Web Device

No additional downloads necessary! You, your parents, your staff, the world can access your Snap Class Software from any web browser. provides responsive websites & class management software for cheerleading, gymnastics, & dance businesses.

And Everything Else

Seamless Snap class software integration, 24/7 content management, email, hosting & so much more!

  • Snap class software integration
  • Manage your content 24/7
  • Easy-to-use responsive content templates
  • Mobile-friendly themes
  • Social integration
  • Mass email messaging
  • Unlimited photo & file storage
  • Your domain purchase
  • Annual domain renewal
  • 2 custom emails with 25 GB each
  • More emails each $3/month

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