Class Management software your gym

Class Software

(due upon checkout)


  • Website setup
  • Unlimited web tools
  • Snap class app setup
  • Unlimited Snap class app
  • Theme colorization
  • Social media setup
  • 1 custom domain name
  • 2 custom emails with 25 GB each
  • Email administration
  • Unlimited customer support
  • Competitive merchant account guaranteed to match or beat your current rates

(due on the 20th of each month)


* Fees resulting from Snap transactions, your financial institution, &/or merchant processing may also apply.

Pay As You Grow

One size does not fit all. Why should you pay more while using less? You shouldn't. That's why our pricing grows with you.

Start out with a low monthly fee of $59.00. With that, you get your website, Snap class software, & PAID Snap invoices totaling up to $5,000 per month.

If you collect more than $5,000 monthly, please enter your gym’s total PAID invoices below for custom pricing.


$ + % /month


Please note: our pricing DOES NOT include fees you may incur by your financial institution &/or merchant processor.